WARRANTY AND RMA POLICY (RMA Authorized Return of Merchandise)

This document is intended to disclose and clarify the Warranty and RMA policy of iK1 Tecnologia Ltda., Based at Dom José Gaspar Square, 134, 6.Andar, São Paulo / SP. Appropriate for RMA are considered to be goods proven to be marketed by iK1 Tecnologia Ltda, by the mandatory serial number and the label attached to the product, which may have a manufacturing defect, provided they are used and configured according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications. It is of utmost importance that the following procedures are followed so that there is no return in disagreement with the established rules. General considerations:

01) The warranty starts on the date of issue of your proof of purchase. Products found to have a defect or manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced provided they are within the warranty period.

02) iK1 Tecnologia will not accept any product sent by the customer in warranty or RMA shipment if it does not properly comply with the procedures described in this document, being previously able to REFUSE such return and return to the carrier, with freight to be paid. by the sender.

03) iK1 Tecnologia disclaims any liability for damage to the property or injury to any person resulting from the operation, conservation or use of the product, whether or not related to the parts covered by this warranty and also for loss of use, time , profit, inconvenience or any other loss resulting from a failure.

04) iK1 Tecnologia confers a wide right of guarantee of its products, as long as they have proven defects or manufacturing defects, except in cases where the latter were caused by agents outside its production process, such as packaging services. , packaging and transportation performed by third parties or the cause of which is the result of installation services by unqualified professionals.

05) All prerogatives contained in the current law will be obeyed and fulfilled, always under fair conditions and that preserve the good relationship of iK1 Tecnologia Ltda and the MARKET.

06) The guarantee period is twelve (12) months from the date of issuance of the invoice. The warranty period includes the legal warranty of 03 months.

07) Any product presenting a problem or defect will be replaced by an equal or similar product, provided that its functionality is at least equal to the product being exchanged. IK1 Tecnologia reserves the right, in the event of a defective product, to arrange the proper referral for the manufacturer to perform the repair.

08) The iK1 Tecnologia warranty covers defects and manufacturing defects, becoming null and void in case of: Improper installation of components; Damage caused by misuse, electrical discharge, misuse, neglect, including spillage of liquids on the product, as well as lack of maintenance and improper installation; Products that are exposed to excessive heat or moisture; Any damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, riot, acts of nature (such as lightning, earthquake, freezing, wind, hail, rain or flood) and force majeure, salt. , environmental damage; Product whose identification or serial number has been voluntarily removed and / or tampered with; Agent of nature or because of the occurrence of wars, strikes and any other conflict. Physical damage such as burning of components, connectors, broken sockets, or missing components.

09) Damage to the RMA shipment due to improper or insufficient packaging problems will also be responsible for the loss of Warranty. The product must be preserved in its physical condition, any evidence that the equipment has been tampered with, improperly handled or evidence of fall, it will be immediately returned to the sender.

10) The customer must check the goods upon receipt and, noting damage resulting from transportation, notify the back of the invoice and the carrier’s knowledge of the damaged quantity, sign and stamp (delivery and receiving). According to the amount of material the client is advised to negotiate with the driver the time for evaluation.

11) The RMA batch will undergo a visual inspection upon receipt. If the merchandise, quantity, model or brand is different from the invoice or the Guarantee and RMA Form, iK1 Tecnologia Ltda. or the outsourced service is hereby authorized to record the occurrence, which must be duly signed by the carrier.

12) Any occurrences that are directly linked to the Warranty or RMA process will be immediately reported to the customer by e-mail for registration purposes and there is no manifestation by the customer within 72 (seventy-two) hours from from the date of communication, the occurrence report will be taken as accepted by the parties.

13) It is stipulated that:

Shipping Freight will be borne by the customer and Return Freight by iK1 Tecnologia Ltda. We do not receive freight forwarding materials.

Shipping and return freight costs, as well as other costs, will be the responsibility of the customer if the shipment (s) does not represent the defect (s) and / or defect (s). ) indicated on the Warranty and RMA Form if the goods are damaged in transit or out of warranty.Informações Adicionais

14) The product must be shipped with TAX NOTE, stating “Shipping for Repair” in the “Nature of Operation” field. The code, description and price of the product must be exactly the same as in the Product Purchase Invoice.

15) The customer shall attach to the product a detailed description of the defect presented and the operating system configuration, installed peripherals and other necessary information. Otherwise, a debit assessment fee will be charged (see current table).

16) Products shipped without an RMA Number will be refused, returning the goods at Sender’s expense.

17) A copy of the Purchase Invoice, Repair Shipment Invoice, report specifying the defect in the equipment, manuals, power supplies, manufacturer’s installation CDs, etc. must be sent with the Product.

18) iK1 Tecnologia does not undertake to replace, lease or approve the same or similar hardware during the period in which the equipment is under review, including when returned to the manufacturer.

19) The Equipment will be reviewed by our Laboratory and if found to be defective due to Customer’s misuse, physical or logical damage, additional costs will be charged such as: Technical Hours, Shipping to Manufacturer, and others such as replacement of parts outside Warranty

20) It is the Customer’s responsibility to back up the data on their Equipment. IK1 Tecnologia will not be responsible for any loss of information.

Invoices and Emissions:

21) Data for issuing invoice for remittance for repair:

iK1 Tecnologia Ltda.
Square Dom José Gaspar, 134, 6th floor, Conj.64, Centro São Paulo / SP
CEP 01047 – 010
CNPJ: 07.055.616/0001-09
IE: 116.950.254.112
Within SP:

CFOP: 5.915 ICMS: No incidence of ICMS conf. art. 7º inciso IX do RICMS-SP/2000.
IPI: No incidence of IPI conf. art. 5º, XI, do RIPI/2002
Nature of Operation: Shipment for Repair

Out of SP:

CFOP: 6.915 ICMS: No incidence of ICMS conf. art. 7º inciso IX do RICMS-SP/2000.
IPI: No incidence of IPI conf. art. 5º, XI, do RIPI/2002
Nature of Operation: Shipment for Repair

Criteria for Return of Goods:

22) iK1 Tecnologia Ltda. will only accept return of products, when it is proven any divergence between the order made by our department. Commercial and the material sent, and the claim must be reported directly to the Dep. Commercial and will only be accepted within 7 days of purchase.

23) IMPORTANT: Returns will only be confirmed upon arrival of the material at our company. The product must be in the original full packaging, have not been tampered with, free from manuscripts, labels or any other accessories, free from physical damage and with all accessories and come with paid shipping.

24) If the customer is an Individual or Legal Entity that is not an ICMS taxpayer, he / she is exempt from issuing a Return Invoice. If the customer is a legal person and an ICMS taxpayer, he / she must issue a Return Invoice, according to the Tax Procedure.